Sustainable: Week 6- Pigment Lab Process + Long Life Design

  1.   I feel the temperature gets cooler and the leaves get a little bit of yellow on them, people are more crowded than last time.
  2.  Long Life Design
  •  I think “non-design” does not just mean form and appearance, the function is more important than how it looks like.
  •   For me, I think good design has a good function and good look. But it will not spend a lot of material on its design and form, and I prefer to use less and less chemical stuff in the design.
  •  I think people should buy things that truly matter and it is applicable to all the countries, we need to cut off the unwanted and get rid of the excess. A few years ago, I like to buy everything I like which makes my room mess, and when I move the house I through a lot of stuff away but some of them still new. It really wastes the money and on the other hand, when we buy a lot of stuff it also causes pollution from landfill and production.
  • I think young people like to buy something that has a good appearance with nice color that is what people around me choose when they are shopping. People also like to buy the thing can bring them conveniences such as smart light ball.
  •  I agree with it. I think there have more people who realize the climate issue and they appeal for environmental protection, and it actually has more and more companies are using recycled materials to produce new items.
  •  I was really surprised by the girl made a garment that using the thread, cotton, and fabric all made by herself that takes a lot of time but she did it. I think this project is really fun which makes students find and explore things around them to make it sustainable.
  • Yes, I want to be a long-life designer. I want to explore new environmental fabrics and recreate the natural fabric. I think it helps the environmental, and it is also fun to make fabric by using the supplies around me.

3. Repair and environment will help the climate change by designers will use more organic and environmental material to create the product. Also, consumers like to spend less money and get more possibilities for their product, in other words, is to use one price to get two stuff. If a company shows consumers how to repair it will also help them to buy less stuff. I agree with Dieter Ram, he said good design is as little design as possible. I think it also proves his opinion of good design is environmentally-friendly. If the factory can use fewer components which will help the garbage disposal.

4. Lab

  • I used Kocuria Rosea and Deinococcas Radiodurans. Because they are pink and pink-red, I want to choose a similar color to see their difference.
  • I can not see what I draw very clear so I think it limited me to draw because I thought I did not paint on it so I draw harder and then I broke the surface.
  • Actually I haven’t think about the temperature but I believe the higher temperature will produce more bacteria and it might have a better print image.
  • I used the lb and lb+x-gal for plate and I choose them randomly for paint.
  •  The temperature and application can change but if you used antibiotics you need to make sure the tweezer will not touch the plate.
  • I used a toothpick, pipeted, paintbrush, and thick toothpick. I tried all kinds of applicators to see if there was any difference between these applicators.
  • The paintbrush helps me to paint the whole plate with color and then I can use the toothpick to go over the detail. Pipeted help me get more random color and I will be able to add antibiotics after that.
  • Each plate I used a few new applicators to make sure every detail can get the color. I do not really control the amount of paint distributed because I like the thing that comes out randomly and I am excited to see my result.
  • I did 2 simple and I think they will be fine. But for the antibiotic one, when I try to get the antibiotic out of plate it was kind of difficult so I amd afraid that one will die because my tweezer might touch the plate.
  •  I hope my images can show although I break and paint overexertion.
  • I think I am ok with this lab,  I might fail on this because it was kind of hard to make the image that I am trying to show.

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