Sustainable: Mid-term reflection + Regeneration Design

  1. I really enjoy this project except for the smell of it and I think I will do more in the future. Today I saw other students’ natural dye and I also want to try those in the future. I think this project is easy we just need to drop everything in the container but it takes time.
  2. I think the most difficult project is Bacteria Lab because I got failed on it but I actually do not know which step I did wrong. The one I enjoy the most is the kombucha leather and repair project. I like the tone and color of the project and I also like the roughness, imperfect of the leather. I think I enjoy every lab and project we did and this class is also helping me to think sustainable of objects and help the environment.
  3. I agree with Fumikazu Masuda, I think overproduction not only kill the environment and also lossing the traditional technology of making. I can feel the enviroment got damaged by the weather, the weather is getting different than 10 years ago.  I think people are more cares about convenience and everything is going too fast if something broke they will just buy a new one instead of thinking how to repair and fix them. Masuda realized and changed the design when he walked by the river in Kyoto and saw people throw trash on the street. He found out to create a new product is throwing old products. If I repair a new product, I will take care of them very carefully because I will worry about it will break again. I think the natural dye is a great material and it is easy to get, and I also saw a Chinese brand they were collected recycled materials and reused them to make pen case. I definitely think the designer should think more about the global system instead of just creating new collections. Designers should also think the sustainability of their products and encourage consumers to repair it. Masuda said designers should create things from limited material for saving resources and also try to choose the natural material, and people also should reuse anything and everything we can. I really respect and agree with the Japanese perspective and culture, they care about the sustainability of products and they prefer natural materials more than chemical. I think this video will make some effects if I share it with the people around me.

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