Sustainable: Independent Field Research, Long Life Design

1.Long Life Design 

The first one is a decoration I found in a flower store, she used an unusable cloth hanger and put some flowers on there. The second one is a pop-up store to fix the old scissors or tools which I found in Flushing. Sometimes if we use fabric scissors to cut paper, it will make the scissor not shape as original and we will get a new one. And also it is hard to find this kind of store now.

2. These years I aware of environmental problems and I reduce on buy fast fashion garments. When I was shopping, I usually will check the stitches and the texture of the fabric. I prefer to buy garments with organic and natural techniques, and I will see the fabric on the tag to buy one which I can wear for long.

3. I bought less fast fashion garments and I washed fewer times to keep them well. When I start to look for some fashion brand that is more environmental and I knew Casey Casey, it is a French brand and they make their garment be a long-life design. Each garment will test before they sell them to make sure their garments can wash and wear countless times. I think cooking at home also makes my pans and kitchen supply long lives so I tried to cook more often at home. And I also plan to make and repair my own bowls, plates, or cups instead to buy a new one. But I still will forget to bring the shopping bag when I go to the grocery stores.

This is a coat that uses Japanese old and natural fabric also has some hand stitching on it. I owned it for 2 years and I don’t need to wash it very often.

I always forgot to bring the shopping bag but I keep all the bags instead of buying the garbage bag.

4. This restaurant recycles all the garbage furthest and encourages customers not to waste food. Such as use the oyster to help waterways and the leftover from customers’ plates will send to the commercial-grade composter. He is not only trying to realize zero waste, and he is also trying to make everything more sustainable and give it a long life. I think the restaurant will open for longer because it will save more money to buy new stuff and dispose of the garbages. I would like to try this restaurant and see how people do on zero waste.

5. I think it is very hard to focus on sell only one kind of food. In China, I saw a lot of stores have been opened over 100 years but it is difficult to keep the taste as same as previous and people went there because of there have memories. There were a  lot of visitors and Chinatown also can introduce this Fong On as Chinese culture. I think to realize combine a long history and new approaches, Fong On can also sell their tofu to other restaurants like Kettl Tea if people try the tofu in a restaurant and they like it they will ask for the source.

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