Sustainable: PS147 Prep + Three Final Project ideas

  1. I do not know this concept before I did the homework, I think this concept helps the designers to think about the sustainable of objects such as “How should they make an object which still will be useful or popular after seven years?”, I think the purpose of our design is to bring convenience to future generations. And for the resources, we also need to think if we keep using them what will be left for the next seven generations. I think in some of the science technology, we were improved but I think in some of the product and fashion design. People are more focus on appearance, not the function. I think our designs are inspired by previously like fashion trends are going back and we are reusing the element in the past.
  2. I also like to collect candles and there have some small candles I can only burn for 3 hours and I keep those containers, I would like to make them more sustainable. I think to help the environment and give the object a long life, first is to think of the materiality make sure materials can be recycled,  environmental-friendly, and not easy to break. When we make or design a product we should think more than one way to use these materials.
  3. In my hometown Guangdong, we have our own traditional belief and we will pray in a lot of festivals. Cause the incense we had for blessing, I really like the smell of the aroma, it makes me calm down and relax. Every time we pray, my siblings and I just follow what our parents ask us to do, we do not really know how to set up. Although we still doing these I think we are kind of losing this culture. I think to burn the incense brings me tranquility which has a similar sense when I was praying and I need to focus on talking to the god. People can also burn incense during yoga, drink tea, facial and etc. People can also try to make their own incense which will reduce air shipping. To burn the incense we need a stander, people can also reuse previously and useless objects to make a stander. To keep it for 10 years, I think I need to have a container that will keep it dry, waterproof and light proof. If I can make my own incense, which will reduce air pollution by I buy them online and ship from other countries or cities. It will also reduce the materials to make those plastic or paper containers, instead of that I can make one and refill my own incenses in it. We can also find more healthy and environmental-friendly materials to make them. To make an incense, we need fragrant gums, resins, wood powders, herbs, and spices.

For my final project, I will choose the third option. I am thinking between make a hat, a ceramic or an incense stander. I really like to buy hats and I have different kinds of hats especially winter collection. I also like to collect ceramic and use them to drink tea I have around 15 ceramics in NYC so I would like to make one instead of buying more. I burned incense every day, and I want to make a stander or a plate for the incense ash because I need one.

The other option is the first one, I had collected a lot of ceramics but every time when I move to another place I afraid they will break so I will use boxes or plastic to cover them, I think I also can make few little garments for my ceramics.

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