Sustainable: PS147 Reflection + Final Projects

  1. I think it was fun to have a group project with these kids, I had a great time with my group members and we finished the collage very well. Before we got into the group project, I was nervous by every kid have their own personality and it will be hard to control. I think most of the challenge is, there have limited sources but the girls want to have the same pictures. I had a plan for our collage which we will focus on one theme but finally, we just let the kids find their own topic of environment and them stick them on the cardboard. We help them in the statement and give them some suggestions on the drawing. It was fun to show different perceptions in different ages.
  2.  I think the Australian Forest Fire really catches my eyes because I have two cousins they live in Los Angeles and they told me in these two weeks they got forest fire near them, and the air pollution is really horrible. There were more than 600 schools cancel their classes and over 150 places were destroyed by the fire. Many people lose their houses and families. The fire had not seen in 40 years, it was crazy and unusual. If this fire was caused by climate warming, the sea level will rise which will influence the city near the ocean, and more foreset will destroy by the fire, people’s health will affect by air pollution and smoke. I think climate warming will also influence the ocean and fish which will affect the price of fish and also other kinds of meat and vegetables because people need to eat others instead of eating seafood. My final project will be a teacup that will relate and help the environment by reducing the plastic and paper cups.
  3. I want to make a Japanese Wabisabi style teacup for myself instead to buy a new one, I was inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony and Ikebana. Ikebana was inspired by Chinese culture and it counted as one of the three classical Japanese arts of refinement. I want to make one or two teacups and I can use them to welcome my friends to my house, introduce the tea culture to my friends and my own style ceramics will represent my personality. Ceramics are easy to break, illuminated by Kintsugi so I can use it to make and repair a vase. I don’t have to buy a ceramic and vase, I can make or repair one. It will influence the air system by reducing pollution from air shipping, I do not have to travel to Japan or online shopping to buy a Japanese style teacup. It also will help the environment by reducing on the packaging, fewer boxes, and plastics. After a few years, I can repair my ceramic cup to a vase if I do not like it anymore, and use it to plant some flowers because of every time there will be a waste when having a celebration that people always like to send a bunch of flowers. This practice design will fulfill the criteria of repair, design, and manufacturing in Long Life Design. It will present my purpose of why I encourage people to make or repair something instead of buying a new one.

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