Sustainable: Draft design brief, Final FBNK

1. From these FBNK practices, the most changes is the color of the leaves and the coat that people wear. I think it is interesting to observe people’s practice, people like to come to the park when the weather is warm and nice; when the weather gets cold there has less people than previous but the market is always there. The difference changed progressive but you can see a big difference between the first and the last FBNK.  The big tree near by the fountain is not as lush as the first time and the colors changed more yellow, red and brown. I really enjoyed this practice, if I do not have this practice I will not get chance to observe theses chill moment in the park because every time I was hushed when I walked out from the subway. I will continue to do this practice in the future and take some pictures in the same perspective and make a collection, I believe it will surprise me at the end.

2. I would like to try the RISO printing if I can finished it by next week.


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