Final Project plan and work-in-progress

  1. I am going to schedule a date and start to make my ceramic during Thanksgiving break. And before I went to the ceramic class I want to make a poster about how to make a ceramic and how does it relate to systems.
  2. For my materials, I will try to find pottery which is more environment-friendly and for my materials, I think it will not limit me because I think it all can be repair after. The most important trait is everything needs to be liquid-proof. My project is about flowers and tea, and I need to think about the color story.
  3. I do not have any issues at this point.
  4.  First, I researched the background and trait of ceramic. Second, I researched different kinds of kilns, and find the difference between traditional and contemporary kilns. I do not have too much progress in my project because I need to go to the ceramic studio and find out what they have in the studio.

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