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Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum

Abstract Pattern:

I loved this textile piece called “Americana Print: Manhattan” designed by Clayton Knight. I consider it to be abstract because essentially it is just a bunch of squares and lines that create an illusion of city buildings. I love the piece because I think it’s creative and amazing how the designer was able to make a repetitive pattern such as this look seamless like a city skyline.


Representational Image Pattern:

This textile called “Grand Feuillage, CA.” designed by Raoul Dufy is a representational pattern because the design doesn’t have shapes creating an illusion of flowers and leaves, but an actual graphic drawing of the flowers and leaves so it creates an image not an illusion. I chose this piece because I was drawn to the choice of colors and the shapes of the leaves.

Pattern that Relates to Culture or Time Period:

This textile print called “Textile (USA)” designed by Thomas Lamb represents the time period because this notion of goddess Diana being surrounding by her prey to represent the hunt for money during the 20s was popular during this time. I loved and chose this piece because it reminded me of ancient Greek art with the silhouette of the goddess and the animals. I also love the way the pattern looks seamless and put together.


Object Covered in Pattern:

This piece called “Covered Jar, Clochettes Mauves” designed by Henri Rapin, produced by Sèvres Porcelain Manufactory, and decorated by Agnes Moreau-Jouin is the object I chose that fully uses the pattern in order to work because I thought the shape of the jar was unique and the roundness of the pattern, the flowers and the leaves, come together to make the jar work.

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