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Telling Stories Book Project

The book title I chose for this project is Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah. I just finished reading this book two weeks ago and it really touched my heart. It reminded me of my friendship with my best friend.

Initial Idea:

With this project I decided to make my book reflect the meaning of the novel by using the best and most meaningful quotes from the book itself instead of telling the story scene by scene. I wanted it to represent the real meaning of friendship as it is portrayed in Firefly Lane. The direction I went in when it came to the design was purples and pinks with a cute, script font to make it look magical and girly because that is the way I see my own friendship with my best friend and how the friendship of Tully and Kate in the novel was portrayed.


Starting out, I had a very difficult time designing my first spread. The pictures I took didn’t really make sense with the message I wanted to express, so that weekend I went to Central Park with my roommates and I took a whole new set of pictures that had more to do with people and architecture in New York. I kept some of the old pictures, like the leaf and pink brick in the spread below to keep the mystical vibe alive.

For the rest of my book, I mainly have pictures of city streets and cool architecture because I wanted to represent the foundation of Tully and Kate’s friendship as it builds and strengthens throughout Firefly Lane. Then, in the first page and second to last spread I have pictures of my roommates because they are supposed to literally represent Tully and Kate as people.


These aren’t a spread so the words don’t make sense in this order but these are the two pages that have people in it (two girls).

My favorite spread is the one below because I love the pictures in them and the way I put the boxes of color over them… I think they go well together too.


I also love the last spread of the book because the second page has my favorite quote of the whole book. (I get very emotional when it comes to this book!)


As for the organization of the book as a whole, I made every other spread or page have stripes. The ones that didn’t have stripes had a picture filling the page completely, excluding the first and last pages. The first page is a plain background with the intro quote and a picture of the girls, and the last page is a plain background with a longer quote to conclude it.

Below is a screenshot of the illustrator file of all the inner pages, excluding the cover:

Finally, the cover. The only thing in this whole book that has a picture I didn’t take is the cover because I really wanted the cover to actually have fireflies. (I even went to Washington Square Park because my friend told me there were fireflies there, but there weren’t.) I think they are beautiful and make the cover interesting because it makes you think the whole book will be about fireflies or something completely magical but instead it’s about the beauty of friendship which I think is magical but in a metaphorical sense.

Final Book:

What next?

I don’t really understand this part of the reflection but if I were to think of another way to do this book project would be to do a whole series of books by Kristin Hannah. I’ve read most of them and I think they are amazing and all interconnected in some way when it comes to the meaning of life and friendship.

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