Wes Anderson Inspired Scrapbook/Fanzine

For my studio final, we were prompted to pick an artist and mimic their style in an art piece or to create a “fake” version of their work. I decided to pick the movie director, Wes Anderson, to study for my final project because I have always been inspired by his artistic stylings and attention to detail. Wes Anderson is known for his use of the Futura Bold typeface, aesthetically pleasing color palettes, symmetry, and quirky dialogue. I paid homage to my favorite director in the form of a scrapbook/fanzine.

I chose to create the scrapbook in a mini binder so I could easily always add more pages. In total, there are currently around 85 pages. I painted the cover of the book to resemble Mendl’s Patisserie Box, a prop featured in his movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel. I also created an additional The Grand Budapest Hotel notebook on the side to accompany the scrapbook. Inside my scrapbook, I focused on four movies: The Grand Budapest Hotel, Moonrise Kingdom, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and The Royal Tenenbaums. I also included a section of Wes Anderson quotes as well as a section dedicated to the Instagram account, @accidentallywesanderson. In each section, I included costume design swatches, color palettes, prop studies, character studies, an excerpt from the script, scenes, and postcards. I wanted to make the book as interactive as possible by adding 3D elements and to capture the whimsical essence of Wes Anderson and his films. The making of this book was a very enjoyable process as it is something I’d do in my free time, except this is for a project. I was glad to be working on something I was so passionate about and enjoyed dissecting my favorite films further to better understand the creative mind of Wes Anderson.

Pictured above is a screenshot of the Adobe Illustrator file I worked on to plan out my pages.

WES ANDERSON-166g97r (Illustrator File)



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  1. Excellent work, Carol! I love how in depth you went with your book projects this semester. Such a great sense of play and humor, and very well executed, each step of the way. Very strong work both visually and conceptually. It was a pleasure having you in class! Please stay in touch.

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