Red Hook: Week 1


Address: 1 Beard St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

To access the Red Hook Ikea, I took the 4 train to Wall Street and then walked to Pier 11. There, I waited for the next Ikea Express Shuttle to take me from Manhattan directly to Red Hook. Upon arrival, dozens of people, mainly couples and families, hastily walked towards the mammoth Ikea. I entered the building also but only to peruse around. Fortunately, I was able to get a view of the financial district’s skyline and a view overlooking a section of Red Hook from the top Ikea floor.When I finally exited Ikea, the sun was beginning to set and I entered the nearby Erie Basin Park. Several people got out of their cars from the Ikea parking lot just to take a picture of the neon pink sky. Erie Basin Park is privately owned by Ikea and features several monuments dedicated to the area’s industrial nautical past.

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Louis Valentino Jr. Park and Pier

Address: Ferris St &, Coffey St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Louis Valentino Jr. Park and Pier is dedicated to a local fireman who dedicated his life to fighting fires and sadly lost his life fighting a three-alarm fire. Throughout the duration I visited the park, many families especially with small children came and went. Couples walking their dogs also came and went from the park. The sound of children gleefully playing in the grassy area constantly resonated in the air. Sounds of the whipping wind and water crashing upon the rocks also added to the soundscape. The park’s main attraction is the gorgeous view of the Statue of Liberty by the pier. Walking down the pier to my surprise, I noticed a sign that stated this park was also a location for the Billion Oyster Project, a project I learned about in my Sustainable Systems class last semester. Though I went during the middle of the day, I have no doubts that the view would look even more beautiful during the sunset.  The nearby area consisted of dilapidated buildings with artistic murals and graffiti and was relatively quiet, with no one in the streets except for those coming to the park.

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