Visualizing Complexity: Red Hook: Maritime and Marriage


Visualizing Complexity: Part 1

Artist Statement: intention for the project, addressing concept, inspiration, media, and form

For my studio data visualization project, I brainstormed different ideas on how to effectively visualize qualitative as well as quantitative data I have found so far in my research of Red Hook. My first sketch was somewhat inspired by the floral visualization of data done by Giorga Lupi as I had seen in class. However, I focused more on the concept and image of a blossoming flower to visualize data. My second and third sketches paid homage to Red Hook’s nautical history, but I am most interested to develop my third sketch for my final project. The class exercise to label a diagram inspired my third sketch as well as Red Hook’s history. Each element in the sketch represents data, including quantitative data I have found online and even qualitative data and questions that have arisen upon my research. I am inspired by my third sketch the most because it includes visualization for my uncertainties or misconceptions. I believe displaying all forms of data I have found throughout my research will give the viewer a cumulative understanding of how I have learned about and will learn about Red Hook. For my final presentation, I will create a 17″ x 22″ poster on Illustrator to present my project.


3 Precedents:


Blossoming information method of visualizing data:

Image result for floral visualization



Packing circle method of visualizing data:

Image result for data visualization circles


Labeling method of visualizing data:

Image result for data visualization lighthouse

Jupiter Lighthouse infographic


Visualizing Complexity: Part 2


Project name:

Red Hook: Maritime and Marriage

The lighthouse silhouette is an ode to Red Hook’s maritime history. The data presented on the marital statuses of the inhabitants of Red Hook represent the current community. 


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