Walk Again to Red Hook

President’s Day: 2/18/19


The Craft of Research template: I am studying the neighborhood of Red Hook because I’m trying to find out about the change in structures and buildings in order to help my reader understand the development and gentrification of Red Hook.

  • I arrived at Red Hook by taking the subway and getting off at the Smith 9th St Station
  • As I walked towards from Caroll Gardens to Red Hook, I began to approach the Red Hook Houses
  • The Red Hook Houses were secluded from all the “main street” coffee cafes and shops
  • The area closer to “main street” were modern, recently developed townhouses available for rent
  • I noticed it was odd that a row of newly built townhouses was just across the street from a block of Red Hook Houses
  • There is a community farm for the NYCHA nearby the Red Hook Houses
  • Some children were playing in the school playgrounds since they had the day off
  • As I have noticed before, near the gentrified area, there are many couples and people walking dogs
  • The streets were still relatively quiet, but it was also a holiday
  • The difference in industrial areas and developed areas was very clear in the types of buildings constructed
  • More bodegas were located near the projects

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