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In this collection of images, I chose design elements I was interested in currently and interested in exploring further for my final project.

I took a picture of this book cover because I am interested in cartography and the design elements associated with mapping a physical terrain.

Heavily inspired by Wes Anderson, Futura (bold) is my favorite typeface because it is clean, minimalist, and easy-to-read.

Alongside with my interest of cartography, I am heavily interested in the data visualization of transit maps around the world as well as their evolutions throughout time to better help commuters. Public transportation heavily affects how people interact and communicate with each other, in their environments.

Chicago’s transit map features a hub where other transit lines spread out from.

Moscow’s transit map interests me because of the circle in the center of the transit lines and how all the lines converge in the center.

New York’s transit map is the one I am most familiar with because I attend college and live in New York City. The development of new transit lines or the closure of transit lines heavily affects commuters to and from New York City.

This book cover piqued my interest because my eyes were drawn to the tunnel of light and the color of the cover.

Lighting design elicits a certain aura or feeling to the viewer and this effect interests me. I am interested in how humans react emotionally to the art that is abstract or not tangible.

Below are a collection of images that I thoroughly enjoyed, from the book, Girly Graphics. I enjoyed the femininity of these designs and the heavy influence of “girly” Asian (mainly Japanese) pop culture in these designs. The colors and graphics are used in a way that elicits a certain “feeling” to audiences. I love this type of aesthetic because of the pastel colors,  femininity, and floral design. 

This light pink background and the magenta text was just aesthetically pleasing to me.

I found a book about the use of color in advertisements to exude a certain emotion or feeling, similar to the book I mentioned above. The use of color is heavily important in advertising to effectively sell a product, aimed at a certain audience.

I took a picture of this book cover because of the melancholic flowers and the black background, as well as the delicate white text, “The Floating World.” Inside the book was poetry that had an ethereal quality, and shows the power of words, especially when written with an appropriate typeface. 

This poem reminds me of the excerpt I had to read in Integrative Studio regarding ethnographic observation and simultaneous perception.

This poem focuses on human existence and the words, “mapping the process of being” was interpreted by me as a “score,” as I have worked on in my Integrative Studio 2 Bridge 1 project.

Images can convey a message that words cannot do justice to completely. My goal for my final is to show an archive of omissions (community, social infrastructure, emotion)  through the use of photographic weaving.

This definition of “drawing” causes me to think more about what does it mean to create art, how can art serve and help others, and how can art start a conversation.

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