Mycelium Project

Mycelium Project For my sustainable systems group project, I was assigned to grow mycelium to study and learn the possible uses of that material. Mycelium is an eco-friendly alternative to using plastic or styrofoam for packaging. The mycelium kit was purchased at Making Center Store with almost all the materials needed. The protocol was easy […]

Climate Signals

Climate Signals  Artist: Justin Brice Guariglia Installation visited: Hudson River Park Pier 84 on September 8, 2018 at 7:00PM Report:  

Sustainability and the Designer: Naziha Mestaoui

“Protecting forests is essential to supporting a healthy environment: trees are one of the solutions to fighting the greenhouse effect, saving clean water, and providing a habitat for wildlife.” Who: Naziha Mestaoui Born: Brussels, Belgium Lives in: Paris, France Media Used: Digital art, virtual reality, light installation, and real-time 3D video mapping Best Known Work: “1 Heart […]