Bridge 2 Response

  Through the many trips of my ethnographic research of Red Hook, I became increasingly more interested in the communities that coexist in Red Hook, and how these communities function as part of a complex system. Initially, I was interested in Red Hook’s maritime history and its location as a pier neighborhood, due to my first […]

Floral Obsession

Floral Obsession I’ve always loved flowers and floral print for as long as I could remember. My favorite flower used to be hibiscus, but now I think it’s a tie between rose and peony. Regardless, I’ll never stop loving anything floral.

Read Before You Start!

By uploading files to a learning portfolio site to share with others, students are declaring that they created the content or that they have the right/permission to distribute this material within a class (in the case of Canvas) or on the Internet (in the case of uploading to a learning portfolio site). Should you have […]

Welcome to the Parsons Learning Portfolio!

The Learning Portfolio is where you will tell your Parsons story. If you have questions or would like to learn more about the many ways you can design your portfolio, be sure to visit the Student Resources + Support site at But before you do, be sure to read the About pages under Courses and Topics […]