Product Design descriptions

For my first product I designed I wanted to incorporate both simplicity and functionality into my design as much as possible. Even though we face pollution in our world today, in the coming future it will be even worse which means poorer and poorer air quality for us to breathe. The wrist watch is one of the most commonly worn accessories in todays market so I thought about how a watch could make a positive impact on our environment. Using perpetual motion from a spinning rotor inside the watch, air is sucked inside and filtered through with no power source necessary. The filtered air is then released automatically back into the atmosphere for the user to breathe. With this the user will both be able to filter and breathe cleaner air but also read on the face of the watch whether or not the air is safe to breathe or not.


For my second product idea I kind of struggled a bit but I thought about a chair that would be able to fold out into a usable ladder which could be used in libraries or book stores for both convenience and relaxation. The chair would be made out of light weight material such as fiberglass or wood.

Product Concept 2.0

Product Concept 1.0


Construction Process for Urban Adaptation Garment

Urban Adaptation Garment Illustrations

image Concept Sketches (with Revised Concept Paragraph)

Concept Sketches (with Revised Concept Paragraph)
concept 1

A little bit more about me

Hi my name is Carson Ortolani, I’m 17 years old and was born and raised in Buffalo, New York! EverĀ Since I was little I always had a passion for art and design. Growing up visiting galleries with my dad allowed me to really appreciate and admire artists and the work they create. From pointing out logos I thought were clever to favoriting the toys I had which were the most visually appealing, I always have loved and appreciated design both industrially and graphically. Outside of my interests in art + design I love watching as well as making films, I like to visit my local flea-markets with my dad every early Sunday morning looking for antiques and things that I probably don’t need but buy anyway as well as play with my 3 year old black lab, Wally, who is bit on the heavier side and loves bananas.