Carrie Mae Weems

Carrie Mae Weems is a very important image-maker. She made a collection of twenty photos. All of the photos are raw and personal. I thought that the idea of taking the pictures in her kitchen was really creative. Nothing is exaggerated and I found the story of her relationship with her photos are really interesting. I think her photos really expressed herself and what sort of person she is. She started doing self-portrait which is something that almost all artist would start. In her “The Kitchen Table series, I loved the background, space, how it’s black and white and the feeling of mystery. I find the pictures a bit depressing but I really like the effect. The pictures were really simple, but it tells a lot of her personal life. At her interview, she talked about how she taught her students. She said, “I always asked them to make a portrait of somebody else and then a portrait of themselves, because I wanted them to see the differences in terms of how they represented themselves as opposed to how they represented others. The way in which men photographed themselves was deeply frontal. Women always photographed themselves turned to the side and slightly obscured.” I found this really accurate, she must have had a lot of experience. Her phots seem quite vintage. I love the use of shadows and how the person in the photo never looked straight at the camera. Her photos seem balanced, when the background is empty there are always items on the table.

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