Bridge project 1 “Memoir”

Dear old self.


In writing this letter, there are many things that I would like you to you know first and most importantly I would wish to appreciate you because you are my past. You brought me so much happiness and success simply because it could achieve my goal through the help of my parent. In class is used to top. I use to get all the terms presents and my teachers used to praise me for achieving all their wishes. When I went home from school, my dad used to take me for a walk and I enjoyed the best outings with him at the best restaurants. I still can remember the taste of food in my favorite restaurant in the corner of the street.

So many much has changed between that time and now. First I have changed from you to what is now. When I look back, I am now a grown up and a student at the university. At this level, life is not as easy as it was then. Unlike that time, I am now forced to do things the way I think best. I am now working towards achieving the goals I want to achieve on my own. When I was still young my parent use to assist me doing everything I am meant to do. Those suggestions like the alarm clock keep in my mind. My work was just to mention and it was done.

I must agree that sometimes I usually miss you, but because you are my past, I must admit that coming back will not be possible. I miss the ice cream in my childhood. Also, I miss the beach that I must go there every summer, laying on the sand, feeling the wind, listening to the sound of the waves from the ocean. My present life is also full of happiness but in a different dimension. This happiness is accompanied by rules that guide me to achieve my goals. It is true

that you were such an important part of my life then because you led me to who I am today. Although you influenced me to think that life is easy, you shaped me and gave me the qualification to join higher level of learning.

You have made me know the importance of being independent and making independent decisions. My parent used to make decisions for me I use to work under their rules. it doesn’t tend to mean that decision made by a parent are wrong but I tend to think that I have learned the impotent of independence and clear mind.

Education was very easy because teachers were there to help with every problem. You made me like education so much because I thought that was the trend. I now understand that one should work so hard to achieve their own goal. I now wish I could do knew this before. If I could understand this before, I could not have had so many challenges in the undergraduate.

I would like you to know that I am not upset with you. Due to different reasons and self-protection, due to your influence, I did my best to experience a better life under my parent guidance. I really miss my friends. That friend seemed like a part of my life. Still, remember that winter. We were skipping classes just for our favorite idol. We stepped on the snow, chasing the last bus. Every time, back home from school the smell of the roasted sweet potatoes will float right into our nose. We are crying so hard we were graduated. They gave me the power to live another change and power to change those things I could change as a child. The competitions that existed among my friend gave me a lot of power to view the world as a competitive sphere where competition is the only thing that exists. This competition has not only shaped my present life but it has also shaped my future.

Unlike you, my present life now entails a very busy schedule full of fruitful and hopes for the future. When I use to be there the last thing I could not think of anything to do with a

future., wait did I even know the word future? No, I did not know whether such a word exists. You made me know only what stands before me. There was no past, no present or even future. I only thought of my parent and my friend as the people to hold onto.

Sincerely Present self.


1. How did your experiences in Studio and Seminar inform each other throughout the process of writing and making Bridge 1?

Through writing the memoir in the seminar, give me a chance to slowly recall the past. The details that happened through the five senses. The seminar and the studio cooperation makes us easy to catch the memories. Expressed in the postcard.

2. What did you discover about your work and yourself through the first draft?

Through the first draft, I start to recall some small and fragmented feeling. The pieces of feeling composed our life. The details make my work easier. I catch some moment in my life to do my work.

3. What did you discover about your work and yourself through revision?

Through the revision, I was trying to make my work more tangible. Some important things happened in the past that really influence my present life. The relationship with parent and friends. The education and concern for the future.

4. What did you discover about your work and yourself through the use of sensory details?

I found that the sight and touch is more concrete than the smell and taste. Because smell and taste is not easy to express. We can only describe it, but everyone has their own understanding. It is intangible things. But we can use some felling description to make them visually.

5. Why did you choose to make the revisions you did? (Give a minimum of two specific examples).

I revision something adds more sensory details. For example, I write about every summer I will go to the beach with my family. It is our family tradition. I want to describe the comfortable feeling, so I add more sensory details, as I was laying on the beach feeling the warmth of the sunlight also the texture of the sand. I miss the time stay with my parents. In order to express more emotional feeling. I make the revision of the details. Mom’s cook can feel love.

6. What was your intention for the final memoir, and how do you feel you conveyed that intention?

All the memory became past. The purpose of my final memoir is to cherish now. Our life is a long journey, looking back we can really know how important your family and your friends are.

7. What risks did you take in these projects? What risks did you decide against taking? Why?

I don’t think there are some risks in this project. The problem might be some memories was not that clear. So I need to think back really hard to remember some details.

8. What did you learn in your experiments with different techniques in Studio? For the final five postcards, why did you choose the technique you did?’

In the studio for the first draft, we tried different techniques that some I never use before. Like, use 3D pen make the 3D visual postcard. For the final five postcards, I am using the simple line is my way to express the five senses. The vintage style cameras and tattoo style drawing.The structure is simple but strong.

9. From this point onward, how would you like to improve as a writer and creator over the course of the semester?

I think my grammar is poor as a writer. As a creator, I need to add more meaning to the project. Hope this semester I can improve myself in both ways.

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