Bridge 2 || Final Draft: Portrait as Identity

The goal of the assignment is to combine different elements of me and partner to create a new portrait. To approach combining various, different parts or elements to create a whole.We interview each other and to research gain information, then distill this information into the most important character traits.



This is a project that I create for me and my partner Lily. We brainstorm our hobbit and our character. We know each other for almost one year. We both away from home country and feeling lonely in the foreign country. We share everything no matter is the good thing or the bad thing. We feel so glad that we are so similar both appearance and personality. This is the reason we become the best friend.


I took the portraits for both of us. People might think my final portrait seems like one person. My purpose is to show our harmony. So I combine the similarity and differences into one portrait.

Combination Drawing

The shape of the lip is Lily’s and I combine with my dimple. Also, the eyebrow and the eye is combined with both of us. For the first draft, I am thinking about using this realistic drawing. But after critic, I think I need to add more deep meaning. Rather than the realistic drawing. I decided to use acrylic paint to express more feelings and meaning.


I bought a canvas combined the drawing and the painting. We both have the same hairstyle. So I just use the same outer shape and structure.  Stick the drawing on the canvas.

Final portrait

Artwork Description

The artwork symbolizes the similarity of me and my partner. My main purpose is to show the harmony and the power of two different can be unified. The magic of two people met each other and gradually know each other, then integrate into each other’s life. The friendship is powerful. The blue brush stroke represents the complex of this society. We shared the feeling of study abroad. We are the international students, all the way come to Amercian. The loneliness no family and depend right here. The realistic drawing also represents to see the truth. The friendship makes us stronger.

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