Bridge 5 || Semester Reflection

1. Reflect on the hopes and fears/worries you expressed during the first class session. Which hopes have been fulfilled this semester? Unfulfilled? Which fears or worries did you overcome, and which still remain?

For the first class session, I was a little bit stressed about the writing. Because I heard about seminar class will have a mass of writing. During the class we discuss the individuals feeling and reflection, practice our thinking skills. The reading and writing were fulfilled this semester. But I think when we have group work, we can have more time to discuss in our group.

2. How has your relationship to writing, reading, art, design, and making change over the course of the semester?

The cooperation of seminar and studio worked really well. Every time when I decided to do some design I have no inspiration. After we writing the essay and story we have an overview of the way we gonna to work.  The writing acutely helps me to explore my idea. Also, find a symbol to express my thought. Also, the reading gives me the idea of how to write a perfect article, Through making the project all the process related together and helps a lot.

3. What have you discovered about the relationship between making, thinking, and writing?

For a project, the most important is your main idea. Why you what to make these things. So the making cannot without the thinking. The brainstorm and mood board are all the thinking process. After writing I can catch the mean point in my essay that to thinking about how to make my project. So the relationship between making, thinking and writing are closely integrated.

4. How did mistakes or failed attempts at making and developing your Studio and Seminar projects lead you in new directions and open up new possibilities?

There are always have mistakes and failed when we doing something. This is also good for us to improve our project.  After the first draft, we have overview idea of what we gonna to write. But when you actually making the things some idea is not that easy to express. So drive me to the other idea. There are always new inspirations appear. When I have a new idea in my writing, I will relate to the studio class and write it down.  Sometime after I made the project I am thinking to change the whole idea of my story. So the change and mistakes are the important steps for developing the projects.

5. What risks did you take this semester? Why? Which risks did you decide against taking? Why? (Please be as specific as possible.)

For the seminar class, I take many risks. I tried many styles of writing style. For the Bridge 2, the portrait as identity, my partner and I decided to write a dinner, not a human form. It’s hard for us to add personality into things. Also for the final fairy tale writing, I changed a lot from the original story. I think it is good to try.

6. What pursuits, interests, and goals have you discovered this semester, and how did your coursework lead you to these discoveries? What do you hope to pursue further in the future?

I discovered that when I want to do a project, I will in order to do it. From brainstorm to idea collated through writing. Also, I am interested in sharing the idea. Thinking is most important things for me. I find it’s interesting to writing the short story and actually to make something about it.

7. How, specifically, do you feel you can continue to grow as a maker and writer? What would be helpful for your continued growth?

I like the combination of writing and making. After this semester, I learned many skills and basic as an art student. We can not make things without writing. I did a lot through this seamster and I really enjoyed it. I find it’s interesting to spend six hours in studio acutely making something I like. Also, we learned how to critic others work sharing different idea and thought. This class practices my thinking and writing skills it was really helpful.

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