Integrative Studio Final Project: Wearable Piece

Our project is to make wearable pieces based on the fairytales. We chose to rewrite. We are going to make the wearable piece that one of the characters will wear. We through the different stage to process our project.

Mood Board

My story is the reversion of the beauty and beast. Combine in modern society the fairytale is not that happy and perfect ending. My story is a black tale. The sad ending leaves us to think of how the reality is.


After I wrote the story the first idea coming up is the corset. The concept of the biding and the pressure are really matched my story.  I used the prototype as the first step of my project to experience.


In my story, Beast is the ugliest guy, people only care about the looking in modern society. Also, the reality is really cruel. People are desperate for money and reputation. They lost their essence.  Beauty had to marry her hated people for family business. Her father locked her in the room for three days before her wedding. The last paragraph in my story I wrote “In the end, Beauty married Gaston. Many things have become regrettable. Many things need her to abide, although she is not willing to. Beauty’s glamorous eyes have lost their original splendor and left a void and hopeless. This is the fate…” We can not choose to want we want to do, Obey the wishes of parents. What we really post to do. So I create a corset to express this tight and pressure feeling. I used really hard material can represent the reality. The wire crossing to tight gives us the bondage feel.  The gold color symbolized the property. The iron wire like the form of jail.

Final Look



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