Hero for One Day Project

Purpose :

The project is let us make a project for the person that we choose to be our hero for one day. Through the clothes, behavior, and talking, we can have an overview of our identities and personalities.  How we interpret this meaning depends on who we are and what our experiences have been. Different people have their different ideas and understanding. The experience in the park to find my “hero” for one day is a great opportunity to carefully observe the details of life and make a project to represent him.



My Hero description :

“He is a Native American dressed in tribal traditional clothing made of very simple fabric. Two pieces of the feather were tied in his long black hear as if they were the fancy ornaments of such ostentatious outlook. He told us that his natural long hair is a symbol of nature; he keeps it so that he can feel the growth. In other words, it’s a way to respect nature.” Seminar class essay 

My Inspiration:

My definition of a hero is someone who is full of knowledge and has passions in their pursues. More importantly, he or she needs to act upon his will. This man that I interviewed owns all these characteristics. His existence is very small in this world, but what he does is very significant– spreading his positive spirit. He loves his nation, wearing the traditional clothes. He was making the donation is not to earn the money, is to spread the positive thinking. I decided to make a dream catcher is perfect matching what he is doing. Dreamcatcher is from Native American cultures. Ancient legends about the history and origin of the dreamcatcher are mothers and grandmothers would recreate the maternal keepsake as a means of mystically protecting their children and families from afar. 


The material I used is from his costume. The feather, also the white and brown colors. I asked the man if he has a superpower, what would he choose to have. His answer was “I would tell you that I do have a superpower and that my way of utilizing it is to let people envision a world where there is no waste, no pollution, no hate. Peace, tranquility. I know it’s a long way for that to actually happen, but if I planted the seeds, it will sprout.” The Dreamcatcher is representing the hope and pursuing his dream. 


The inspiration is from his culture. He carries ideas and motivation that really stood as inspiration for me, and showed me some very new aspects of life that I had never thought through before. I add the green leaves represent the pure and natural, back to the origin of the beginning.

Final piece:



In the end, the meaning of my project is I hope him can accomplish his dreams. The idea of utopia and clean environment is really hard to accomplish but I am respected and giving the blessing.

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