LP Post: Language Identity

Everyone comes from different cultures around the world that may not be understood by others. In the Fan Shen’s article talked about how the identity shaped to the other country. As a Chinese, I have the same feeling the difficulty to adopt another language environment. The influencing factors are not only the language differences, also the environment, educational, ideological… The speaking is shaped by thinking, those two abilities are closely related. The way of we deal thing, those factors are paling very important roles. For example, Chinese people are usually afraid to say some sensitive topic, because, under the socialist environment, they have no rights to free speech. But in the US, everyone can speak what they want, express their own thinking, also they can have rights to vote. Those are political influences to shaping our thinking. So when we say something I kind of afraid, I am thinking about the right or wrong of this answer. Also, I think shaped to other culture must balance our identity as Fan Shen mentioned. I have 10 years of education in China, some behavior and action are due to the environment and people’s influence. So it is hard to change, but in my self-experience I already accepting and realizing this new environment, changed me have more independent and logical thinking. I think it is good to learn more about cultural knowledge and other countries idea of thinking. There are too many factors of language shape our thinking, but we have to balance and not lose our original self.

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