Central Park Group Assignment

My groups goal was to design a garment that resembles the transformable use of Central Park. When we began discussing ideas for this assignment, we immediately decided we wanted to make some kind of simplified object that could serve more than one purpose for its users. Fashion is an outlet for almost anybody to express themselves. People use clothing in many different ways, and we wanted to create one effortless design that could be altered and manipulated to accommodate the seasonal changes of the east coast. Similarly to the many ways people use Central Park, our garment can be converted into different forms depending on one’s personal style as well as the seasonal changes. Our design can be converted into an overcoat, a vest, a skirt and pants, by simply snapping buttons that we have placed strategically throughout each garment.  Central Park represents a diverse range of people of all different cultures, shapes and sizes. We constructed our design to adapt to all different varieties of people. We chose to make the garments neutral colors of grey and white, which will also allow its multi-gender users to pair and match them with almost anything.  The garment is also made with giving fabric, in order to stretch and tighten to different sizes.

( These images would not load vertically. I shared a google drive folder with you that has the vertical images. )