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Inhabited Space

final inhabited space:

I began this project by researching public spaces that could bring community together while also serving practical use to an urban environment. I wanted to incorporate the outdoor aspect of a city with some sort of open structure for social use. I researched parks and shade structures that people use to lounge and embrace nature. I immediately thought of the bike path that runs along the lake in the city of Chicago. This bike path lines Lake Michigan and is accompanied by grassy sidewalks. I wanted to make a structure that could be utilized alongside the bike path for people to rest, replenish and socialize. The structure itself allows people to escape the sun but also stay outdoors. The swinging chairs encourage people to interact and take a break from their activity on the bike path. Alongside the swings, i incorporated references to the human eye and Asian culture. These details bring welcoming colors into the structure and also make for a more inviting environment.  


Design and Ethics: An Ethical Solution to Design

What does it mean to be ethical?/ How I define ethics:

  • One’s personal morals (personal definitions of what is good or bad) that work together to influence their actions and conduct in society.
  • A process of making a decision.
  • Societal ethics are relative to where a community of people live and function.
  • Ethics are one factor to how one comes to a decision. Other factors include, emotion, and knowledge
  • the study of our morals.
  • Many factors including culture and the environment can influence the what people value and consider ethical.

Can all design potentially be ethical?

  • No, in my opinion all design can not be ethical because ethics are all relative to individuals.
  • Not all design can be ethical. Ethics are bias to different people, communities and countries.
  • All design can be ethical to one individual
  • All design is ethical in theory. No design is ethical in practice

What does it mean to design? 

  • The strategic foundation, which can be in the form of thought or a material object, that has the intention to solve a problem or address a issue.

What does purpose mean?

  • What is the purpose of design?
  • Purpose is the intention of a thought.
  • A motivating force or intended solution
  • All ethics and purpose are motivated by ideals or goals.

Design can be intentional but not ethical.

Do you serve yourself or do you serve others?

Should we be designing for “others”?

Original Idea: locker solution phase one:




Final Concept : Shared space for student  storage, remove lockers from the equation.


scale: 1 inch: 1 foot (12” by12”)