Class Writing- 3

What would a perfect community look like?

In my personal opinion I feel as if there isn’t such a thing of a “perfect” community because thats a place where everything would be equal and to me that isn’t fair at the end of the day. If you look at a communist country you can use Cuba as an example, a place where people aren’t happy with the way equality was shown. Technically speaking a perfect community would be where everyone was equal, got along and there was no violence.


What if no one noticed me?


An island in the middle of nowhere, where you know everyone you see. While driving its known to be rude to not wave to the passing driver. An island considered pure of happiness and love. But what happened when I showed up and it all of a sudden became not rude for me to wave. I pondered over the reasoning why… no one recognizes? I scary feeling I had thinking everyone I loved was playing a sick and silly game with me.

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