Observation 1

I stood on the corner of my apartment building and the system I recognized most was the (what I like to call) 21st century transportation system. While standing on my corner during the timed minutes I was able to see people using personal bikes, Citi bikes, taxis, Uber’s, Via’s, etc which I almost feel is like a completely different transportation system than the public transportation system because this is all new compared to the public transportation with a whole separate economic system and work system. Finally, I added another kind of system that I didn’t see while observing for my diagram. I decided to add the 21st century flying system to my transportation systems. For business men, large families, and businesses they started making apps called blade that have helicopters and Jets that you can rent through an app just the same way that you call an Uber, I thought that even though I wasn’t seeing a flying fly over me at that exact second that its a very realistic thing that I see on the day to day in New York city living here all my life. Being able to call a Taxi, Car, Rent a bike, or even rent a helicopter is our new 21st century transportation.

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