Artist Statement- Network Self

For my network self project I decided to compare my “finsta” to my “insta” and come to the conclusion of which shows the true version of me. As I was sitting there putting everything together I came to the conclusion that I’m a mix of both and that I’m showing two different kinds of me through my instagram and finstagram. My Instagram shows this adventurous, worldly, fashionista. While on my finstagram it shows a girl who is always trying to make others laugh and who’s very social. I think combined they both are able to show who I am when put together but on its own you wouldn’t be able to tell my personality. After collaging everything together I wanted to add more to the collage to be able to show more of my personality and what I’m trying to have come across so I took transparent paint on instagram network self and put lines down it with my favorite colors to represent how some photos don’t show the true me and the others only show some of the true me. Lastly on my finstagram I made frames around the photos and outlined them to show the photos that do explain the real me.

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