Bridge 2 Proposal

The project will be rolling around the core of “discrimination”. The two smaller pieces of the pie would be gender discrimination and regional discrimination. Both of these kinds of discrimination have caused many notable events in the US. Our project would take 2d picture + pin points as its physical form. We wish to present the map of the US, or just New York, with pinpoints. Those pinpoints each represents an imaginary event that have happened in the utopian world without the discriminations that we have mentioned. Those pinpoints will be lined to an event card that includes images, words or symbols representing it. While we are presenting it, we will be elaborating on the event cards and reflecting the eliminated discrimination.


After several discussions, we decided tinker on the form of our project. The new plan is to recreate images that includes search autocompletes. These imaginary autocompletes will be opposite to realistic autocompletes. Many realistic autocompletes reflect the darkness of humanity, presenting discriminative thoughts. We will try to present discriminate-free content in this project through imaginary autocompletes. More updates later in the week will be reflected in artist statement.

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