Postcard- Weather vs. Climate


The annual mean temperature has increased in Maine by 3.1% since 1895, faster than the rise in our global temperatures. This issue was extremely shocking to me because this is the place I wrote my weather memory on and one of the reasons my family loves Maine so much is because of its breezy weather and cold ocean temperature. Now, in the next 50-60 years when global warning passes the 2% threshold, Maines temperature will slowly start to increase by over 5%. Soon our issue will start to be that our coldest weathers in the future will be like our warmest winters now. I tried to write a very concerning letter to myself to try to remember the issues were facing now and to remember that they’re real. The picture on the front of the card is how I view Maine when I look out my window. I always see small islands off in the distance, a shinning sun, and the beautiful blue sea.

Click to access ME_ClimateReport_CSRC.pdf

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