This Changes Everything Reflection

The documentary, This Changes Everything over looks seven different communities around the world. It gives a strong overlook on the challenge of climate change. The documentary does a strong job of telling two divergent stories of owners of a goat ranch in Montana who battle a ruptured pipeline incident and a story of Indians who use their bodies to obstruct the building of power plants on their wetlands. The heart touching stories are so different yet the same because even though they’re across the world from each other, both communities are still struggling with the same issue of climate change. The stories give the film it’s heart, compassion and hope. This Changes Everything gives you a strong sense of reality. Klein then goes on to mentioning disaster zones. When she’s referring to this she’s talking about a region or area that is heavily damaged by natural storms and that needs to be opened to national or international aid. This Changes everything tries to empower you instead of scaring you to try and educate humans to make a difference in their communities.


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