Researching an activist group

I decided to reach out to the organization calledWRAP (Waste & Resources Action Program). This charity works with different businesses and companies to help them reduce their waste and develop more sustainable products. WRAP started in 2000 and over the years has started to be backed by amazing companies like Department for Environment, Northern Ireland Executive and the European Union. WRAP’s mission is to make a sustainable and efficient economy by rethinking how to use and consume products, how to produce and sell, and how to reuse and recycle. WRAP has helped change companies and business to make them more sustainable and more environmentally happy. Another way they have put their word out there is through champions like Recycle Now in 2004, Love Food Hate Waste in 2007, and in 2017 the business case for reducing food loss and waste. WRAP has sent a lot of goals they’ve been able to reach through not only champagning but also through agreements, meetings, and fund raising. In 2015 WRAP helped successfully bid to lead an EU LIFE- funded European Clothing Action Plan to try and help reduce waste and the carbon footprint in creating clothing. After hearing this fact I reached out to The Real Real which is a consignment store that’s an online worldwide website to find out more about resale and how it works with their organization to find out more of the logistics.

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