Mycelium Experimentation Reflection

The Mycelium experiment was very interesting, I had never done anything like this before and it defiantly put teamwork to use having to do it with a partner. I’m happy with the way the mycelium turned out but I do think we might’ve left it in the bag for a little too ling. It was hard trying to make something creative out of such a strange material to use as a medium especially, since ours was so think and hard to cut. I would love to find a way for me to use this material again in my works since its sustainable and made from natural materials but it’s just such a tricky product to use when it comes to fashion design. But if I were to have to replace this product instead of using it again I would defiantly stick with it even though its a hard material to use just because any other material wouldn’t come close to being as sustainable or as interesting to use.

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