Final Intervention- Faux VS. Real…

Faux VS Authentic:

Theme: What is the Sustainability of Faux and Authentic Fur?

A talk from the creator on the app:

The idea of the app for me as a creator is that I wanted a place where people felt comfortable enough to resell there faux and real fur coats and for people to feel like it’s a welcoming and fair place to shop. While doing research before creating the app I was reading about how real fur last for 10 of years and how many people just store away there coats for years. Then I went on to reading about different articles about how awful faux fur is for the environment because it sustainably has the worst fibers for the environment out of most things. Thats when I thought of making an app devoted to reselling fur but instead how most fur is for the idea of luxury in this case I wanted to do it for the idea or sustainability. The difference between The Fur Frenzy and other apps or other consignment store websites is that we’re not in it for the money but yet to have a safe and sustainable place to shop. We want costumers of all ages to want to come and shop here. So we try to accept most and all coats unless they’re not in good condition, thats why we need to have a picture before accepting to send it to us. Then if we accept it, theres still the occasional time that we will send it back if the condition is not good enough or you don’t feel comfortable with our pricing. But then if you decide to donate the coat then the coat will always be accepted because we donate those coats to the people who cant afford winter coats.


Artist Statement:

artist statement sustainable systems (faux vs real)-1ntiuy4


Website on online consignment (the real real):


How To Use The App Step By Step:

  1. First, open the app on your smart phone or touch screen device
  2. Then, pick weather you want to purchase, resell or donate the faux or real fur coat by clicking on one of the boxes
  3. If you want to donate or resell the coat then take a picture of it and send it in on the app so you can have a delivery or pick up scheduled
  4. If you click on purchasing a coat it will take you to a part of the app where you can buy coats for reasonable prices or be able to bid on the coats

Sketch of the app:

  • Coloring Dark purple for the background and the blocks will be a lighter purple and the lettering will be an even litter purple
  • The lettering on the app will be script and glowing to make it feel and give it an enchanting look
  • When buying off the app: I want to be able to make it as easy a possible to buy and return if needed
  • I also want to be able to have a cool, fun, and trendy jingle that was intriguing to the app


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