Bridge 5: Artist Talk

Introduce Yourself:

Hi everyone! As you all know I’m 18 years old and am a born and raised New Yorker. I picked Parsons as my school of choice because of the strategic design and management program. When I’m older I hope to follow my Mother’s footsteps and work in the fashion industry just like her.

Network Self: Moment 

While working on my network self I wanted to be able to show both who I am as a person (how my friends see me, parents, teachers, ect.) and by the end of my collage I realized that they both showed me but in two different ways which frustrated me because I went against my own thesis.

Bridge 2: Moment

This was my first time working on an art project with a partner before but Ne was a great partner to have. In the beginning we were having trouble coming up with an idea and once we did the ideas start flowing between us really well and we ended up dividing the work really well and I was really happy with how it ended up.

Horror Film Project: Moment

We all really worked well together in class and we sprung off each other ideas really well but it was really hard for us to meet after class because we all had really different time schedules so that was probably the biggest issue in our project. Thankfully at the end our project turned out really well and we were all really happy with how it turned out. I had never worked in a group like that before for an art project besides working with Ne on Bridge 2 so it was really interesting to see how everything was talked about

and how a bigger group worked on a project. 









Brainstorming Bridge 4:










Bridge 4 (Documentation and Process):

Starting this project I automatically knew that I wanted to research Azzedine Alaia. When I was thinking about different ways I could do this project I began to research Paris, His early life before becoming a well respected designer, Why he did things a different way compared to others, and his work as an artist. I decided that since there’s no other designer like him and his clothing is relevant to any time that I would recreate a photoshop that Alaia did years ago on the streets of Paris in black and white. His work was created around the women he thought of as muses. Alaia would talk about how if he didn’t have women in his life to inspire his work and get his creative juices flowing that it would be hard for him to create clothing like he does. After researching all of this I began to think about my love for black and white film photography and how amazing it could turn out if I reshot an Alaia advertisement, and so I did. I decided to pick my best friend Sophia as my muse because she means a lot to me and I shot her on the streets of the West Village. I decided to use vintage Alaia pieces instead of clothing from his recent collection to try and get more of an “oldish” feel to the photos.

While I was set from the beginning on taking film photos of my muse in vintage Alaia dresses I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to present the photos to make them stand out once I would incorporate the audio. I first tried to create a hallway which was quite hard because it wasn’t turning out the way I pictured it would so my back up plan was to create a room you would be able to walk into and at the end it turned out really well. It was a 3 wall room where the photos all hung with quotes surrounding them. I decided at the end of completing the project that the walls seemed very empty and thats when I was researching an exhibition on Alaia where I saw big quotes on the wall next to his work and I found that it made the exhibition so much more alive because his powerful words were next to his powerful pieces so it made me love the idea even more of having quotes in my small room surrounding the photos to make it feel more alive with Alaia’s ideas.

When I started to do my audio for my project I began to think about what I was going to do to make you feel like you could not only understand who Alaia is but to feel like you were in his head while being in the room. I started to play with the idea of different sounds in Paris but it still wasn’t doing it for me so I instead started to play with different interview clips that I found on Youtube. Like I said above Alaia felt like his muses were family to him and he wouldn’t be able to create clothing like he did if he didn’t have these relationships with various different super models. I mixed different interviews of mainly Naomi Campbell and some of Stephanie Seymour with Alaia to not only show and hear him as a designer but to hear why these girls were so important to him and his work. After Completing the project I set up my room in my apartment and went inside and played the audio to see if the audio gave the impression I wanted, and it did. I felt like I was in Alaia’s head and got an understanding on everything including his artwork.

I relate to Alaia a lot as a designer because he wanted to be different and be able to show his own ideas not whats in trend at the moment. He never listened to what others said and always ran on his own schedule which I wouldn’t usually respect but he’s doing it all for the right reasons. I want to be able to leave Parsons having as clear of a path as Alaia with his work.


Final Documentation:









Connection between network self and final bridge:

I love working with photography and collaging and I feel that these projects go together quite well because they both bring in the same aspect. I found it hard to connect the work together because this semester I tried to use all different kinds of materials so I was able to educate myself in different materials since thats something I didn’t do earlier when I was in high school.


What the future hold…

  • Fashion/ Art
  • Defiantly in the business art world
    Parsons Paris


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