MORUS Reflection

Back in September I was lucky enough to go visit a museum/ garden in the deep East Village in Manhattan. The Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space has been around since 1980 trying to provide urban space in Manhattan for people to garden. Around 40 years ago landlords were starting to abandon their buildings in the East Village due to the upkeep of them. M.O.R.U.S then decided that this was there time to take over the space to make an urban space for the community to use to be able to “hang out” in or garden in. The tour guide brought up one major issue throughout the entire tour that he wanted to make sure we kept in mind, and that was that theres a whole lot of gentrification going on in the East Village and M.O.R.U.S is a big part of making the community and other around aware of it and trying to cut it back as fast as possible. The garden faces struggles with upkeep just because its a lot of work but thankfully its filled with amazing hearts that try there best to take care of a community space.

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