Dye Lab Reflection

My hypothesis for the Dye Lab Experiment was, If I soak my wool is the turmeric based dye, I expect that the dye will turn the wool into a saturated squash yellow color. I expect these results will be true because when the turmeric was boiling in the water I ended up putting too much of the numeric dye.

In all, I believe that the experiment held up to my partner and mines expectations. Though the three different pieces of wool’s color varied, the experiment came out really well at the end. The variation between the three pieces of colored wool most likely turned out differently because of the different wash cycles the wool took before hand. Aside from the cleaning (one with soap and water, one boiled without soap, and one left uncleaned) each piece of wool weighed 2g, and was soaked for 10 minutes in dye mixed with 0.3g of an alum mordant.

When speaking with Jackson about our partnership for the dye lab experiment we starting talking about different garment items that our dye would work with. He brought up a great idea about how our dye would work very well for the PFD (prepared for dye) and told me how we should look more into the idea because he had many questions in his mind that he’s been needing to ask. Jackson was telling me about how his boyfriend works for a garment factory and how when he has gone to visit him he closely observes how they can’t/ don’t overwatch everything thats going on. This all means that  PFD garments are shipped to external dye houses before they are returned to the factory for final steps which would make it hard to make a clothing. We were talking about a major road block in the idea thought of the operation because it will be hard to make sure the product is sustainable when it leaves the factory for the other work to be done and then brought back. I would love to be able to speak to Jacksons boyfriend more about the factory industry and educate myself more on whats going on.

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