Repair into Resiliency

Scientific Method Definition:

A method of research where a problem is identified, data is gathered, a hypothesis is formulated from the data and then the hypothesis is tested.


This week I decided to watch the waste of bottles in my household. Yes, my roommate and I try to be as reusable as possible by using our paper grocery bags as our garbage in our kitchen and we do own a Brita so we aren’t buying plastic water bottles weekly. Though we do go through other kinds of bottles weekly like Gatorade, Milk Cartons, Sparkling Water Bottles, Ect and thats where we have started to become quite wasteful with our bottles. So I decided to try and save them to make different things for our apartment.


I hypothesis that because I saved my bottles for a week that I improved my carbon footprint and am able to make different home decorations.

Test & Experiment: 

When working on my project I gathered different bottles like Milk, Wine, and Gatorade bottles from the week. I decided to use the wine bottle for this experiment to make a cup holder for my bathroom since we didn’t have a place to store our toothbrushes yet. I first boiled water on the stove and let the bottle soak in the water for about 15 minutes. The shower didn’t work quite well so I moved to the sink where I put gloves on and scrubbed the bottle under hot water for about 15 minutes with a rough sponge and it finally was able to come off. After that I cleaned the entire bottle with soap and water inside and out to make sure I got it as stick free and clean as possible. Then, I wanted to make sure I was as sustainable as possible with the project so I took off white tape from Blick and tapped the entire bottle to have it match with the rest of our bathroom accessories.

Analyze and Draw Conclusions:

I really enjoyed working on this project because I was able to repurpose quite a few bottles for my house that turned into items that I needed for my apartment. Though its not as ‘high fashion’ compared to something you can buy online its sustainable and very economically friendly. After doing it and figuring out how easy it is to just make something instead of buying it I was able to open my mind up to many other options in decorating my new apartment thats more unique then other ideas I’ve heard of in the past.

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