Artist Statement – January 2019

For my standard selfie I decided to use a “mirror selfie” photo that was taken this past December in Miami. I choose this selfie out of everything because I think this shows my personality well. I love spending my free time with my close friends traveling and doing things that are different from your normal day to day life. In this photo my two friends and I traveled to Miami for Art Basel to experience the art festival. I thought this selfie was best to pick out of others because it was taken in the moment and the expressions on our face were pure natural happiness.

My creative selfie I decided to pick are two photos blended together that were taken on a Kodak camera. I picked these photos because not only are these “silly” faces that I make when I take photos but I also picked them because they were taken together during the same dinner, and I knew that I wanted to blend photos to give it that creative edge.

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