Bridge 1: Project Statement_February 2019

As I centered myself and tried to get myself as relaxed as possible I started to think about the place where I feel the most happy and thats the ocean. After that, I start to think of the color blue, and about surfing. Then, when I’m in the ocean I feel the most relaxed on a surfboard so obviously surfing came to mind when I centered myself. I wanted to make the overall theme of my work be about the ocean but while working on it I let myself feel the materials that were going to work best. Working on this my feeling of the art lead me to have the abstract ‘vibe’. I stuck with square canvases throughout all four canvases but for each one I wanted to make sure to make different materials used. So for my first one that thats suppose to represent the ocean I decided to take four different colors of blue and collage a roll wave. I did it in many pieces because I wanted to experiment with the idea of abstract collaging, which I’ve never done before. I kept the background simple because I want all the pieces to be hung together and not feel overwhelming as one. The next piece represents nighttime because one of my fondest memories would be coming back home at night in my boat so while I was relaxed and thinking thats what came to me suddenly. On the square canvas I decided to split it in half down the middle and the top is the color of the sky and the bottom is the color of the ocean at night both sparkling. The sky because of the stars and the other is the phosphorescences in the ocean when you’re driving at home at night and the boat is gliding through the ocean. I kept the overall theme of blue in all of them because I decided that it was better to draw them into one rather than making a fifth one that would look rather repetitive. The next one I want to touch one is the third canvas that will be hung and thats the relaxation one. I used different  textured papers and collaged them together. I feel that different textures, feelings, and movements can affect how relax a person can be. Lastly the fourth square I wanted to continue  the idea of ‘abstract’ so I wanted to work with collaging the shape of the surfboard on top of the ocean but not realistically place the cutouts on the page.

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