Bridge 1: Reflection

I started off centering myself a couple of times and each time I did I felt that something stuck with me at the end each time. The first word that stuck with me was surfing for example and then after that was relaxation. Both technically don’t go together but for me they do because I find that surfing is one of the most centering and relaxing things that I can do. After getting all my centering words together I knew that since all the words go together personally for me that I wanted the pieces to be able to be hung together as one piece thats separate. So for my medium I used canvases and then let myself feel my way through the rest and see what materials spoke to me best throughout the process. I choose to present my work the same way I knew I wanted my work to be on multiple canvases because when they were being shown and hung it was very important that they were all hung next to each other. I decided that the best way for me to connect these things together was to use one of my visualized words as the overall theme and then connect the other four words together in the art piece that way. Though I did miss last Fridays class I am excited to hear what my classmates have to say along with a little nervous since this is my first time sharing in this class. If I were to change anything about my project it would definitely be the materials (besides the canvas) because it didn’t truly turn out how I pictured it.

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