Bridge 1: Process Documentation

The Ocean:

The ocean was my overall theme that I wanted to keep going throughout all of them. The ocean has always been the most relaxing place for me and I felt as if my piece should center around it as a whole.


The Color Blue:

The color blue was one of the most relevant things because this color is a very calming and centering color for me so I felt that throughout my project it felt necessary to keep the theme of the color blue.



Instead of doing something ~basic~ for the idea of surfing and just have a guy walking into the water holding a surfboard on his head like the endless summer cover I decided that it could be really cool to keep an abstract theme throughout the project with how I would approach the canvas and I thought it could be cool for everything to be very abstract. So, I thought specifically here I thought it could be interesting to play around with the idea of the shapes of surfboards on different prints and then trying to overlap the ocean so it looks like its sitting in the waves.




Since I’m sticking with the ocean theme throughout them all I decided that it was hard to show relaxation so I decided to make what I felt the most relaxing thing about the ocean is, and thats when the waves are crashing. So I collaged it all together of a big wave crashing over using multiple colors of blue.




While I was centering myself the word ‘nighttime’ came to me, and as I centered myself more I   started to think back to my happy and calming times of riding the boat back home at night In Maine. The stars would be lighting my way home as well as the water with the glowing bioluminescence. I decided to split the page into half and half and make half the ocean and half the stars and make both equally as glowing because thats what was a peaceful relaxing night for me.  I used four different kinds of paint to make the water, sky, stars, and bioluminescence. How I felt my energy go was what I let guide my way while painting this.



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