Bridge 2 – Process Documentation_March 2019

As I was researching the original buddha and started to read into his stories I decided that I wanted to narrate his unordinary life story through collaging photos that I found on the internet to represent his life story in the 6thcentury. I used photoshop to collage the three different collages individually. I wanted to make sure there was a flow between the three collages so you would be able to read a story through the collages. I added a picture of a lady mediating on a rock with a sunset behind her throughout the three collages so there would be a flow in between the three different collages. I put them down the middle to represent his passion for Buddhism throughout his three stages of life. That’s when the idea came to me to start ‘cutting’ the photos out in photoshop and placing when across. Along with individually cutting separate photos out for the collages to add to each collage separately to make it more of its ‘own’. The flow of the collage then started to become more clear to me after adding those two things to it. At the end of creating my collage I decided to add simple words to the top and bottom of the outside of the collage to create more of a narrative to the collage so you would know which way to read the collage (left to right).


The Collection of the photos per collage:

First Collage studio second semester -25evnox

Collage 2 studio second semester -24eanwv

collage 3- sttudio second semester -vu51gg



The final result of the work:


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