#is2b3 MLA and Description

“This Social Media-Inspired Street Art Will Make You Smile.” THE ENDEARING DESIGNER, 12 Oct. 2016, theendearingdesigner.com/social-media-inspired-street-art/#here.

“Six Contemporary Artists Making a Statement about Social Media.” Acclaim Magazine, 9 June 2017, acclaimmag.com/art/six-contemporary-artists-making-a-statement-about-social-media/.

Behind the Scenes Instagram:

-Showing positive and negative things about how social media portrays us and our relationships

  • First post is a primary source art piece (the artist was unknown) and I really felt unpowered by the photo because I think It has a strong meaning of just how were being disconnected from the past because of technology.
  • Second post is a photo of my two close friends who have never met or have had a conversation before until after this photo was taken. I picked this because they look so close yet they’re not and I think instagram shows this a lot and I kind that an extreme negative affect.
  • The third post is representative of how people make themselves look like something they’re not through using editing apps.
  • The fourth photo posted is suppose to represent how someone can look like they’re having an amazing fun time, while behind the scenes its actually a disaster.
  • Though, all of this has positive affects on us because it helps people who love each other stay in contact with each other. My father and I haven’t lived in the same city for a while now and he’s still my best friend and the only reason that is, is because of social media and technology.
  • Lastly, I used street art as my last primary source. I thought these represented social media and how we suffer from it emotionally well.


INSTRAGRAM NAME: behindthescnes_


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