IllustratorWhile working on my illustration on illustrator I was debating for a while on which photo I wanted to use for my self portrait because I feel like a self portrait explains a lot about someone and there character. My best friend is a photographer and he takes photos of me all the time that are mostly candid photos but in this instance he took a photo of me leaning into the camera with a big smile on my face that wasn’t being faked so I thought that this photo showed my character well. My main vision with the illustration was to make sure the entire thing was extremely colorful with little funky details. I wanted to bring a contemporary feel to it as well so the little details were important to me.



I set up a station in the corner of my apartment for me to be able to paint for this project and the whole process of sitting there for long periods painting was very meditating. I haven’t painted a self portrait since high school and have always despised them but this one was soothing to me because I got to paint with a contemporary style and be able to have a plan in mind for what I want to be able to do for the painting, like the colors I was using. I wanted to use different colors for all the boxes but have a lot of them be very similar in color so your eye would have to get close to tell.


Overall, the project was very interesting to me and I thought it was cool to be able to convert a photograph of yourself into an illustration. I never knew about that on illustrator and it was very cool figuring it out. Though, at times it did feel a bit difficult it was easy to get the hang of. When it came to the painting part it took a lot longer than expected, especially because I have a lot of small details and I thought I was going to find it quite annoying but actually I had a blast doing it. I found the whole process of painting, choosing my color pallet while listening to music very relaxing and calming.




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