Bridge 3- Process Documentation

While working on Bridge 3 I had a lot of different ideas flowing through my head but the one that stood the most was being able to show both negative and positive affects of social media. So i decided to carry a disposable camera around with me to document different examples while not using any technology but first I started off with a secondary source that shows the disconnect in society because the world today revolves around social media. Then I moved onto a disposable photo I took of two close friends of mine but they have both never met each other until after they took the photo but yet it seems to me that they look like close friends. I then wanted to touch on the topic of facetune, editing photos, and eating disorders. I took a photo of myself that was taken on the disposable camera that I edited to make my nose look thin and my eyes look big (what technically would be a girls dream). I thought this was a perfect example to show the obsession behind perfection and making yourself out to be someone you’re not. My next instagram post is a series of many different photos from the same day. The kids in the photo look to be having the best time while behind the scenes its actually a disaster and a lot of drama was going down. I wanted this to be the example to show that things are never how they’re perceived to be on social media. Next I took a black and white film photo of me and my father, our heads our touching and he’s holding me at the age of around 9. I thought this was the perfect representation of how technology and social media can be such an amazing thing for society. My father and I barley get to see each other but because of social media he is still able to be my best friend. Then finally I wanted to end it with a secondary source of this powerful street art piece expressing its thoughts on social media.

INSTAGRAM: behindthescences Chloe L (public)

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