Bridge 3- Reflection April 2019

Working with photography for this project specifically really helped me out with being able to understand the situations I wanted to talk about first hand because instead of just looking them up I would instead witness it first hand. It also helped my creative process because it got me more involved in the situations that i wanted to research.

I learned a lot about myself turning this project because even though i don’t have a phone i still sadly fall under some of the things i dislike most about society. I realize I’m a person who isn’t insecure and I still for some reason without thinking go and edit my photo before posting it, I still think things look like they’re so much fun when in reality I know exactly whats going on. I learned that film is one of my favorite mediums to work with and would love to use it again in class before the semester is over.

Losing my phone had a lot to do with my inspiration for this project to take it to the length of understanding that I did. But before that incident happened I was always intrigued by how social media has been affecting our world not only in a negative way but I found it important to talk about the good that it does for the world as well.

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