“Synthesize This”- A time when my understanding has changed

When we were first told about the project there wasn’t much brainstorming I needed to do after picking the idea I wanted to go for. I knew I wanted to focus in on the idea of love and I realized a time when my understanding changed the most about the situation is when I fell in love for the first time and then when I realized for the first time that I didn’t love him anymore.

After brainstorming how I wanted to show something so delicate, a very personal idea came to mind. While my ex boyfriend and I were together I would always make him collages of different photos of us and give them to him for different holidays. It was always one of his favorite things to receive but also my favorite thing to give. It would look over our past couple of months through photo memories. It was a very personal and beautiful thing for us. So for this project I decided to work with the ideas of collaging by hand than scanning it into photoshop to edit the heart, then I would bring it into illustrator to make the crack down the middle of the heart to represent the fact of us not being together anymore. When I had to bring it to laser cut the heart out, it wasn’t turning out exactly as planned because the heart of the photo and the wood heart didn’t match when it came to sizes. I ended up working with my mistake and it came out to be something more unexpected but added more depth to the idea. I’m really happy the way everything turned out.

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