The Relational Human Figure: Working with the Figure Process/Reflection

I was never a fan of painting human bodies before this class, It was actually one if not the most painful thing for me to do when it came to art. But after finishing the course in the class I have realized how much I actually like it a lot. It brings calmness to me while still keeping my brain on the heels of its feet because I don’t want to mess up or put something in the wrong place. I really tried to go into this with an opened mind and tried to get the most out of it possible and I found learning how to paint someones face was a lot easier this time around when it was explained. It was interesting to me to be able to draw all the different body types we had coming in and out of the class room weekly. Overall, the last two days were my favorite because I felt like I got the most painting and time to think with my painting then compared to any of the other sessions we did in the past. I also had zoomed into a part of her body rather than paining the entire body which helped with me being able to lay everything out better.


Final Day Finished Piece

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